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Welcome to the 7th edition of the West Berkshire Independent Living Network newsletter.
Article Headlines:
  • Is your personal budget working for you?
  • Adult Social Care Annual Report
  • wbiln's work
  • Consultation on eligibility criteria
  • Changes from DLA to PIP
  • Berkshire Physical and Learning Disability Cricket Team
  • Thames Valley Vikings Wheelchir Basket Ball Team

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Is your personal budget working for you?

  • Day: Friday 19 April
  • Time: 12:00 – 2:30 pm
  • Venue: Broadway House
1500 adults receive a social care service from West Berkshire Council. All have been allocated a personal budget.
  • Exchange information.
  • Share experiences.
  • Celebrate what is going well.
Lunch included. Help with transport. Please contact the office by phone or email to book your place.

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West Berkshire Adult Social Care

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World Mental Health Day 2013

On World Mental Health Day 2013 we want to celebrate the enormous potential that this phase can have in terms of enjoying a full and active later life, and maintaining a healthy social involvement in the community.

The World Federation for Mental Health recommends promoting active and healthy ageing in their newly published World Mental Health Day report, ‘Mental Health and Older People’:

“There is much we can do to promote good mental health and well-being in later life. Participation in meaningful activities, strong personal relationships and good physical health are key factors.”

Human Cost 10kCuts Atos

Managing Your Organisation Workshop

Book your place on the next EWB coffee morning which will have presentations on how knowledge of HR, Finance and governance can better and enhance your organisations. We are very lucky to have some industry experts who will be presenting this workshop.

Andrew Egan - Employment Lawyer, Charles, Lucas & Marshall Andrew is experienced in working with the charity and voluntary sector and advises them on employment law and practice as well as all issues relating to charities. His experience, skills and local knowledge have made him one of the leading employment lawyers in the region. For more information on Andrew please click here

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Health Drop In

Letter from Rachael Wardell, WBC Corporate Director (Communities)

Dear Deborah

I am writing to thank you and the Community Panel for the great support you provided me in last week’s recruitment for a Head of Adult Social Care.

I found the panel’s insights really helpful in terms of balancing all the various considerations when making my decision.

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Healthwatch West Berkshire September Newsletter

Welcome to the first newsletter from Healthwatch West Berkshire. In this edition, we will introduce you to who’s who at Healthwatch West Berkshire, provide some recent stats, news, events and useful information/links.Topics Covered In This Months Issues:Note from the Lead OfficerWho’s WhoHealthwatch West Berkshire MilestonesConnecting with you, some recent statsEventsUseful LinksClick here to Download 

What were Iain Duncan Smiths welfare reforms really about

Whatever the secretary of state meant by his assault on benefits, it's failed – and frightened the most vulnerable in the process

There can now be little doubt that David Cameron and Iain Duncan Smith have failed to produce the welfare reforms they promised when they came into government. An aggressive programme designed to change almost every strand of Britain's social security system falls further into disarray every day.

Universal credit, the work and pensions secretary's flagship reform, has been beset by IT problems, staff criticism and delays since its launch. It is now clear that the project has been "reset", and will not now be rolled out nationally until after 2015. A recent survey of the staff working on the project highlighted "a near-complete absence of anything that looks like strategic leadership in the programme".

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Helping more disabled people get into politics

If the House of Commons were truly reflective of the people it represents, at least 65 would be disabled. But, as the country prepares to vote in the local elections tomorrow, it is unlikely that many disabled people will be among those elected. While there are 10 million people registered disabled in the UK, there are no formal figures on the number of disabled election candidates; those standing for local or national office are not obliged to disclose such information.

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The Care Homes project

The Care Homes project, led by Berkshire Healthcare Foundation Trust (BHFT) ,  is looking in detail at Nursing and Care Homes across the West of Berkshire in collaboration with commissioners , providers and patient representatives. The group aims to develop and implement a work plan to support clients to remain within their usual place of residence and prevent inappropriate admissions to Acute Hospitals.

The group meets on a bi- monthly basis for 2 hours and the next meeting is on 8th October 12:30 – 14:30. The venue is unconfirmed, but is likely to be at the old PCT headquarters at 57-59 Bath Road, Reading RG30 2BA.

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